Frequently Asked Questions from students who attend the Chinese Courses

1. Is there an age limit for admission?
No, there is no an age limit for admission.
2. Will a certificate be issued after the completion of the courses?
Yes, students can receive a certificate when the course is finished.
3. What’s the minimum and maximum number of the students in one class?
To the classes for individual applicants, the minimum number in one class is at least 2 students; while the maximum number in one class is at most 8 students. A t the same time, we offer private lessons for those who maybe too busy to attend a normal calss, flexible schedule and contents.
4. What does the normal Chinese Courses focus on?

The Normal Chinese Course focuses on conversation and Chinese character learning.

5. How about the relative cost in Beijing?
Accomodation:The hotel normally cost at least 100 RMB per night.
Food:You can taste all the foods from all over the world, and with a sound price.
Transportation: And you can buy Taxi, subway, very convinient and cheap.
6. When to pay the tuition and the accommodation fee?
The tuition should be paid after register.
7. How about the curriculum?
Normally the students are required to study the following subjects: Phonetics, Spoken & listening, Reading& writing,Business Chinese, Culture class(Paintings, handwriting,and so on),also HSK.More details, please check the class info on our website.
8. Do you have activities during the study?
The answer is YES. Cooking competation with all our students, making dumplings, Karaok, visiting famous place and so on.
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