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Online Class-Wherever you are, through BCLS’s internet class, you can experience endless convenience and joy of face-to-face internet learning, therefore better enjoying the fascination of pure Chinese language.
Short term Immersion Courses- Private lessons over a one week-two month period. These intensive lessons can be held daily for 4 hours or more. These intense lessons will give the student a powerful start to mastering the Chinese language.
Chinese Culture- BCLS provides classes to foreign officials and business people wanting to learn more about doing business in China. BCLS also will specially design training for certain industries such as Finance, IT, Insurance, or others as needed or requested.

Summer Programs-For overseas Chinese or other nationalities who want their children to learn Chinese during their School Holidays. BCLS can offer accommodations, enjoyable lessons, interesting electives, and visits to local cultural spots.


Other Youth Programs- For foreign students who want to learn Chinese in a different way from what may be taught at their International School, BCLS has programs that will enhance what they are already learning. For Chinese students who want to improve their English language skills by learning from a Native English speaker, BCLS has programs that will assist.
Business English Training-When a specific training program is requested for by a hospital, IT Company, or any other type of business, the lesson plan for the training can be adapted to exactly what the staff members are seeking.
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