BCLS provides various programs such as conversational, listening, reading, writing and comprehensive course,etc., in group or private class, each student can always find a best way to meet their special needs and make study most effective.



Bobby Franklin

Dear BCLS Thank you so much , for all your efforts in making my Chinese language dream a reality . I came to BCLS with extremely high requirement for not only myself but also my teacher as well , You not only exceed my expectations , but also showed me how a teacher could really care . You worked hard every step of the way . Every time my study needs changed , you gave me 110% to come up with a plan , that would maximize my studying . After 6 months at BCLS . I passed advanced level verbal , and level 5 HSK , That would not have been possible without BCLS .





钟家利:在BCLS学习汉语我特别愉快 钟家昌:除了学习以外,有时候我们跟老师去学校外旅行,所以学习得不紧张也不太忙。依我看,在BCLS里学习确实对我的汉语有很大帮助。

Good,we shall see you again.

The past three weeks at BCLS have been a wonderful experience for me. Not only has my Chinese improved at an exponential rate, but I have also met some amazing people. The teachers are insightful, helpful and clever, the students are friendly, bright and eager to learn.

I am so glad that I found BCLS and choose it as my Chinese school. When I arrived in Beijing in October 2010, I could not even count to three. Less than eight months later, I pass the HSK Proficiency Exam, level 3.

I like doing Chinese knots..


Studying in BCLS is a brilliant experience..


The Energy in this school is great. The best place to study Chinese! Teachers are great and energetic.
----------Siyamak 司马克

Studying at BCLS has improved my Chinese greatly and boosted my confidence in daily situations. I’m very glad that I’d come and have no regrets.
-----------Garth Mortensen 莫高

In my opinion, the classes are excellent. The teachers speak only in Chinese, which I think is really important, but are able to use English if absolutely necessary. So I’m very happy with this school! The staff are also very friendly and flexible about the finishing and cancellation of class.
-----------Tom Spender

I have no hesitation in recommending this school. Excellent teaching. I have enjoyed my study here.
Lai Fang



I studied a lot!
I learned a lot!
But I had an amazing time!
I don’t want to go…but no worries…I’ll come back…

My precious memories of this school is that there are many things what are amazing I hope to remember these things.
Meeting new friends +Professional teachers
The experience is fresh +learning Mandarin make me believe I can probably understand it better later on in life.
Also I think the school is great and wish to come once again.
Kelly Lan

Name:Frans schoren
Level:Advance A

Learning a language is still very much something you have to do yourself, but it helps a great deal if you have a good teacher to help you direct that energy in the right direction. When I arrived in Beijing I did not know much, except for “hello”, “a beer” and “thank you”, I was very much lost in this language. When I saw an advertisement of Beijing Chinese Languge School, I jumped on the bicycle and had a talk and a look. The flexibility, the small classes were attractive to me. On one hand you get a lot of the teacher’s attention, which is necessary in order to get frequent corrections on the pronunciation. Even now, I feel this pronunciation is one of the most difficult things of Chinese. The flexibility is good, if you are not always able to stick to a fixed schedule and also you can discuss different topics more to your interest, not necessarily following the book all the time. Teachers that keep pushing you to do the homework may seem not so nice, but actually it is very good. The more you practice the better you will get. For me, I know that I will never be perfect, but that I do not care. Sometimes when I go out with friends and tell them a joke, I know that when they laugh, they must understand the meaning (even if not pronounced fully correct) and that is the basic idea of communication, getting your ideas across. Some of those friends do not speak English, but still we can have some basic communication.
Thanks Beijing School teachers for helping me reach that level! I still have some way to go, but at least I am not completely lost.


Nationality: French
Level: Intermediate D

Lessons: appropriate level for me appreciate small and individual .
lively way of teaching Teachers : good atmosphere,good way of learning chinese at here.(books and lessons approriate)
To watch movies time to time is also a good idea.
Good location.
Wish you all the best.

Nationality: American
Level: Advanced A

Thank you (Beijing Chinese Languge School)for this wonderful experience at Beijing,the knowledge and experience I gain will prove invaluable in the future.


Nationality: French
Level: Intermediate B

Beijing: exciting. astonishing,(I first travel in asia), very big and very quiet, no dangerous even during the night, frindly people, but too hot in july,a lot of things to discover.
Staying at school: I like it because it’s not like a school, pesonal course, friendly atmosphere.

Nationality: French
Level: Elementary C

I arrived in china only yesterday. as I don’t have much to say yet, but the teaching is very efficient and Beijing is extremely interesting, I can’t wait to speaking chinese and communicating with chinese people .
I hope I will be able to understand what people tell me before I leave.
I am looking forward to visit everything that is worth it. As I really feel I still haven’t seen anything of China.





Nationality: Italy
Level: Elementary C

It realy difficult for me to write .In few days I will go back to Italy.I am happy to go back but I wish I can stay here more time. I realy like China , and like to stay here in Beijing . This city and this country have so many things to discover, and now that I just begin to feel a little. I have to go back home. I hope that I can come back next year. I really enjoyed staying here, and I think that I have learned a lot. I realy like the school , everyone is really nice and they made me feel at home. I really have improved my chinese.
I would like to live a long period here. I think it could be very interesting. I also want to know more about culture and history of this country.

Nationality: Syria
Level: Intermediate A

I study hard to learn chinese because I will be a bussinessman in the future. I will thank my teacher because she do much for my chinese learning .

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