The mission of BCLS is to provide professional Chinese course that are flexible to the needs of people want to study Chinese and where Chinese class is carried out in an Enjoyable and Quick Way.
Beijing Chinese Language School (BCLS) was organized to meet the requirements of our students who work and reside in Beijing. Our goal is to provide an Enjoyable way of learning Chinese while allowing a great deal of flexibility for busy people.

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BCLS Introduction

To satisfy the fast growing demands of learning Chinese, BCLS was founded in 2001. BCLS specializes in Chinese language training and culture exchange. Through BCLS’s learning program, which is professional and full of what characteristics, students are able to master the Chinese language in a fast, easy and enjoyable way.BCLS’s curriculum is abundant and flexible to meet demands of various students. In addition to regular courses such as conversational ,reading,comprehensive course, it also contains business Chinese, HSK preparation, Chinese culture courses (including Chinese painting, Chinese paper-cutting, Tai chi / Chinese shadowboxing, Chinese tea lore, Chinese Acupuncture, etc), etc.


During the years since its founding, BCLS has experienced rapid growth . Thanks to its renowned teaching resources and high level management system, BCLS greatly satisfies students from all over the world.The location of BCLS is very convenient to access, just 10 minutes’ walking distance to Chaoyangmen subway station.which is close to foreign embassies area, as well as supermarkets and shopping malls. It is convenient for both studying and living.

Our Mission

BCLS is committed to providing a learning environment in which students can grasp language skills in an enjoyable way.
We adopt a flexible teaching approach, using currently authoritative and lively materials, with an emphasis on both seriousness and practicability of content. Outside class, BCLS organizes various learning activities to supplement classroom studies.

Special Features

1. All courses are taught in standard Mandarin by experienced teacher ; course materials are professional-designed,abundant and appealing; interactive exchanges between student and teacher make the study more effective and enjoyable.

2. BCLS’s courses cover different aspects and levels of Chinese learning--- from basic daily conversation to comprehensive course, from HSK exam preparation to business Chinese,etc.

3. Various kinds of class---small group class(2-6 persons), private class , short-term intensive class give students flexible choice to meet their different needs, furthermore, online class make study more easy and flexible --- at anywhere,anytime.

4. The free test and free trial class enable student to know their level, and help them select right class fit for their situation to make study mostly effective?


5. Study tour:upon requests, BCLS can arrange study tours,including China’s historic relics such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. which enable students to better experience the profoundness of Chinese culture.

6. Students of BCLS are welcomed to attend multi-culture exchange activities organized by BCLS Club, through which students can make friends with other people, enhancing their communication skills.

7. Customized programs are available for specific groups such as group visitors, enterprise ,etc.BCLS can make specifically designed scheme including new course & activities for them to best satisfy the group’s specific circumstances.

Teaching Resources

To make BCLS a prestigious language school, we have established a faculty team that comprises our own best teachers, renowned professors and experts in the field, all of them are Chinese language teaching certificate holders.They have profound theoretical knowledge , rich experience and creativity.

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