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This program is different from regular courses in that it is aimed specially at foreign students who are keen to experience Chinese culture and customs within a limited time period (usually during the spring holidays or summer vacation).
Free to attend

This weekend ,
We welcome you to experience all kinds of traditional
Chinese Game , apart from the games , we also prepared some
fruit , some drinks , DianXin ...

Dear BCLS Thank you so much , for all your efforts in making my Chinese language dream a reality . I came to BCLSwith extremely high requirement for not only myself but also my teacher as well , You not only exceed my expectations , but also showed me how a teacher could really care . You worked hard every step of the way . Every time my study needs changed , you gave me 110% to come up with a plan , that would maximize my studying . After 6 months at BCLS . I passed advanced level verbal , and level 5 HSK , That would not have been possible without BCLS .

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