BCLS provides various programs such as conversational, listening, reading, writing and comprehensive course,etc., in group or private class, each student can always find a best way to meet their special needs and make study most effective.

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I am beginner

  Course l: Listening , Step by Step
From this course you can learn :
When you know how to say “hello ”
Maybe you also need to understand What the Chinese people mean .
In line with the speaking cousre , we help you to improve the listening comprehension at the same time .

I am intermediate level

  Course 2:Listening your view
Here , each lesson is a drilling ,
Follow the teacher to try to understand what’s the Chinese meaning , when it comes to :

○Environment protection
○Character or personality
○DINK family
○Generation gap
○Love in Modern times
○Internet and privacy

I am advanced level

  Course 3 :Listen , that’s Chinese movie , and Chinese News
This is an exciting course , here, we will improve the listening comprehensive through Chinese movie , Chinese news , and reach the native speaker’s level .

* Ocean Heaven
* The piano in a factory
* Love is not blind
* If you are the one
* Buddha Mountain
* And the Spring comes
News :
CCTV news
CNR news



  1. Free Chinese level test before the start of the class.
  2. 30 minutes free trial class is available.
  3. There is an enrollment fee 100 RMB.
  4. Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.
  5. For the class taken out of school, transportation fee is charged according to the distance. (Inside 3-ring road: 20 Yuan, outside 3-ring road: 30 Yuan+)
  6. There is an exam at the middle and the end of each level.


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