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Questions About Safety

BCLS gives the same high priority to student safety as the students’ headmasters, teachers and parents do. BCLS has repeatedly discussed the safety issues concerning every aspect of this program and instituted strict safety measures.

1 Food safety
All food service facilities we use have been certified by the government to serve food to international visitors.

2 Drinking water safety
All drinking water served is name-brand bottled water that meets government-issued drinking water standards.

3 Regulations for group activities
Any activities group members participate in must involve at least two persons or accompanying by a group member.

4 Traffic safety
Professional personnel is responsible to inform students the traffic rules and to make sure the safety before group members may get on or off a bus or cross the street.

5 Housing safety
Professional personnel is responsible to inform students the traffic rules and to make sure the safety before group members may get on or off a bus or cross the street.


6 Medicine safety
Any student requiring medication must bring it from home along with a doctor’s statement stating what it is and why it is needed.

7 Safety rules concerning students’ conduct
Every student must abide by all the study tour’s rules and regulations concerning personal conduct. During program activities, students are not permitted to engage in running, fighting and rowdy behavior, playing with matches or fire, smoking of cigarettes or drinking alcohol. They are not permitted to disassemble and reassemble electrical equipment without prior permission.

8 Emergency planning
Our professional personnel at all of our sites have all received professional training in handling emergencies. If a student becomes ill, he or she will immediately receive whatever medical care is needed and our professional personnel will immediately contact the student’s family or guardian. If necessary, the student will be taken to a hospital where English is spoken to receive medical care.




  1. Free Chinese level test before the start of the class.
  2. 30 minutes free trial class is available.
  3. There is an enrollment fee 100 RMB.
  4. Tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.
  5. For the class taken out of school, transportation fee is charged according to the distance. (Inside 3-ring road: 20 Yuan, outside 3-ring road: 30 Yuan+)
  6. There is an exam at the middle and the end of each level.


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